You, singer—whoever you are and wherever you stand—are riding the globe. As you do so, don’t let your feet be so close together that you stand in fear of falling off. You might profitably widen your stance a bit, one foot slightly behind the other if you want.

You are standing magisterially in the noble posture of your profession, your garment, a great cloak, an enclosed cape. It gives you gravitas. As you inhale, that cloak lets down around the earth beneath you, covering it. As you exhale, the bottom of the cape curls upwardly and inwardly toward your knees but little farther. Your breath is that of the earth itself. As you approach your high notes let your viscera know the earth beneath you. Stand nobly and let down into the earth beneath while your head belongs to the clouds above and let those notes be glorious. You’re going to experience change and I know that’s what you’re about. Right? Photo: Shutterstock