1..Today, walk as though your feet were turning the Earth beneath you.

2. Of all the things you do for your self, the most beneficial might be let the pelvic floor descend with each inhalation.

3. Aiming a weak beam of light toward the back of the throat just above the base of the tongue locates the atlanto-occipital joint just behind. The condition of that joint effects that of the vocal tract. It is where the Alexander Technique is of singular influence.

4. Jaw is not skull but an appendage. As you free your neck, notice that the jaw may want to let ever so slightly away from your skull. Never think of opening the jaw straight down, but think of it letting forward in order to open.

5. Today, find the opportunity to go up. Place the tips of your fingers just below your sternum and turn your hand so your fingers move upward, a gently nudging, a pulse, a cessation, a pulse. If you’ve done so without rigidity, you’ll notice a change in your breathing. It might be the most refreshing moment of your day, and you’re free to do it again and again.

6. Today, as you stand, see, take in every object of your environment. Feel all the data of that environment and yourself in it and a part of it, desk, chair, stage, sofa, mountain, lake, persons, pets, and stream. Notice what changes in you and tell me about it.

7. Being in your head is not a compliment. Many of our sensory receptors are there for sure, but any concept of height, or up that takes you from your ground or your center is not going to help for long. The belly, the hara, is a seat of consciousness as well. Try being there today, in your breathing; things will change.

8. The body entire is a resonator of the voice.  A resonator needs its freedom to re-sound, to resonate. Whatever you do to free your body—your ankles, your knees, your hips—is going to enhance the resonance qualities of your voice. Free body, free voice.

9. Today, let your shoulders open away from your spine, toward the horizon, rather than toward the task in front of you. Let your arms accomplish the task in front of you, the left arm opening from the right hip, the right arm opening from the left. Think and act centrifugally.

10. Lay the palm of your hand flat against a table or desk in front of you. Let the heel of the hand open and correspond to the lower back. Let the palm of the hand melt into the table or desk and correspond to the mid back. Let the fingers come away from the hand as your head lets away from the torso. Isn’t that fine?