The medium of a builder of walls might be stone. He or she inscribes their thinking over the land. What is the medium of singing. Tone? We share that with the instrumentalist. Sound? We share that with the turning of the world, the music of the spheres. What then? The vowel. Vowels, according to Stanislavski, are spiritual qualities There is not one ee vowel, but a kaleidoscope of ee’s. There is the ee vowel of the Italian affirmative: Si, vendetta. (Yes, vengeance.) or Si, amore. (Yes, love.) and they come from different places. If we merely pronounce ee or any other vowel, we have done so in the least creative way possible. Anybody can pronounce. If rather, we hear a vowel in a poetic and musical context, we become creators, expressing our unique connection to a musical and poetic environment, artists. In doing so, you draw from the well of your deepest creativity, your spirituality. Before you sing, melt yourself into a vowel and its context and pour your self out.