“Tekubi,” “ashikubi”, “kubi,” are a trio of our freedoms, neck, ankles, and wrists. Their linguistic commonality in Japanese speaks to their common function, conduits of freedom to our extremities, hand, head, and feet. If we cultivate their freedom we become better painters, better pianists, better singers, each part contributing to the whole and the whole to each part. That is certainly what F. M. Alexander saw in the head, neck, torso relationship, a facilitator of freedom throughout the torso, a tune to which ankles and wrists are counterpoint. Free your neck in order for the wrists and ankles to be free, free your ankles in order for the neck and wrists to be free, free your wrists in order for the ankles and neck to be free, your whole body an organ of singing. You’ll never find the all of it, but that part of it for today, begin it now. Waiting is not an option.