Alan Bowers, M.AmSAT

The Daily Up-Words 

 Thursday, April 25:  Wheels within wheels, both biblical and practical. Da Vinci saw it circling man laterally, the limbs outstretched to meet it. Take that wheel, stay in place, and turn it 90 degrees. You’re looking now at the inside of the wheel’s rim. Got it? Now set the wheel turning and let your feet keep up. Better yet, let your feet turn that imaginary wheel, always moving,  never flat-footed. Wheels within wheels, and if you must, way in the middle of the air.


What happens in an Alexander lesson? Some students report feeling light as air, their creaky joints bending freely. Some report relief from back and neck pain, some in their first lesson. Whatever you feel, you’ll notice a shift in your thinking, an awareness of the way things are and the way they might be. You’re going to be moved. Just read below.

Cathleen Schine

“Going to see Alan Bowers to learn the Alexander
technique is my favorite hour of the week”

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Tod Fitzpatrick, D.M.A., Cert. in Vocology

“Mr. Bower’s work was a game changer for a significant
number of our students”

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Walker Clark - Master Peak Performance Coach

“I’ve worked with many Alexander teachers throughout the years, and Alan is my go-to guy in New York City”

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Dr. Julia Grella O'Connell

“Alan’s work has allowed me to drop the false treasures,  the artificially manufactured sound and everything I thought it would buy for me”

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Cliff Abramson

“Finding an Alexander teacher of your caliber in this neck of the woods is difficult”

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Jean Turn

“I am delighted to say that the effects of these sessions have been profound and long lasting”

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