The Benefits

Sound mind in sound body can be reclaimed with a sound.

There’s a sound available to all of us, a sound that tells a story about the way we live, move, and breathe. It’s a sound that’s both diagnostic and therapeutic. It’s a sound that tells us where we are and restores the freedom and vitality of our bodies, whenever it is uttered without prejudice.

  •  It is a sound that we own from birth and from the dawn of human civilization.
  • It is the genetic material of every human sound: primal, visceral, and neutral.
  • It’s the sound of neck freeing, head going forward and up.
  •  It’s the sound of back lengthening and widening.
  •  It’s the sound of legs letting away from the torso.
  •  It’s the sound of our connection to the Earth, of the freedom of our hips and pelvis and our entire bodies. It’s the sound of what lies beneath us, of our voice.

How do we claim that in a lesson? We free the breath. We unlock the pelvis. We let air play upon us as it does upon a flag; we become an instrument of the air. You’ll gain a sense of this in your very first lesson and gain the competency to begin working on your self. You’ll reclaim the voice that you’ve always known was there, that voice you so confidently owned as a child. Not possible? Don’t believe that for an instant. Come and see.