The Benefits

Walking your walk

I was walking onto the campus of Florida State University and a coed engaged me, saying, or perhaps asking: You're somebody important. Well, I can assure you that unless you're my wife or dog, I'm no more important than anybody else. However, if I walk, stand, sit, and talk like someone important, it's because of my years of training and study in the Alexander Technique.

The Alexander Technique is a study of stature, your relationship to your environment and to those within your environment. It is a study of awareness. Your stature and mine is an attractant or a repulsion to others. We'll work together on that and make sure it is the stuff of the former rather than the latter. You'll learn that uprightness—your stature—is a fluid, living thing and that you can cultivate it just as you can cultivate any other skill.  You'll learn to walk, stand, sit and talk as a person of bearing, stature,  importance,  perhaps even of interest to co-eds, though my subsequent appearances on campus have gone unnoticed. Go figure.