• Your Posture Speaks Volumes

    It is predictive of your spinal health and your susceptibility to back pain. It speaks to your thinking about your self and  your standing in the community. It tells your story before you’ve spoken a word.  A lesson will change the conversation. Ten may change the course of your life



Your Posture and...
Your Back. If you are slumped or slouched, gravity acts on those parts above the area of collapse and pulls you toward the ground in front of you. It's a sure predictor of back problems. Let me help you change that trajectory.
Your Voice. The way you stand, the way your feet meet the ground has a profound effect on your voice. Each affects the theatre, the vocal tract where your sound originates. Change your posture, change your voice.
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Juliet Kidwell
"Very friendly, very personable, and incredibly knowledgeable! He really knows what he is doing."
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